My name is Keyla Pacheco, I am 22 years old and based in London.
I have a BA Hons degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.
I am fluent in English, Portuguese and French (both speaking and writing).
Trying to figure out how to achieve my goals of becoming an editor and an author, now that I’m done with university.

This Blog:
The purpose is to simply share experiences related to studying or being fresh out of school. The mind is an infinite source, and mine is like a computer with too many tabs open; this blog is a way of allowing it to break down and spill itself out onto the page, without restrictions, and most importantly, without shame.

And yeah, I won’t lie, I’m also hoping this will constitute as the “necessary experience” all these employers speak of.

NOTE: All the images used on this blog are taken, edited and owned by me. Any exceptions will be credited to the rightful owners.